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We're the online dating and social discovery app business specialists. Courtland Brooks was started in 2005 and is a new kind of business agency-consultancy. We work exclusively with online dating and online social communities. Occasionally we also help best-in-class service providers to approach industry executives in an intelligent manner.

We're a team of extremely experienced online dating and online social community professionals who are passionate about the business and the cause of helping the world find more love and community connection. For the price of a junior marketing manager, you can access our team to advise you on strategy, help you get your branding and marketing and product right, and professionally manage media relations in a way no other agency or consultancy can.

Here's what you can expect.  On the first day of engagement we'll have a 90 minute start-up call. On the call we'll get introduced and our team will ask you lots of questions. On the Friday of the first week of engagement we'll deliver an action plan for the first 90 days of engagement. That plan will then be loaded into where we'll collaborate and you'll see us working directly from the plan. You'll have more visibility on our work than if we were sitting next to you in your office. Our team are a distributed workforce so we have to be extremely well organized. 

As your needs change, we change, and can rotate the team. There are 29 people on the team now. We have three levels of team members on the Courtland Brooks team. Our core team have been with us 8+ years on average and do most of the work. Then we have special advisors who are specialty experts. Our newest addition to our offerings is the Instant Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB is made up of former industry C level executives who can advise from an unprecedented level of expertise. We're an International team. A unique and exceptional team.  

Pay for great people, not fancy offices. When you engage the Courtland Brooks team you can be sure you're paying for great people, and not expensive offices, or luscious expense accounts.  We're super efficient on several levels. It would simply not be possible to bring the amazing team that we've built together into a single office at a reasonable price point. We give our team the freedom to work from wherever they want, whenever they want, on interesting projects for growth-oriented companies.   

We're value-priced. For ongoing access to our unique team we charge $3k USD (or alternative currency) every 2 weeks on a 1 year basis. 3:2:1 pricing. 
We only work on retainer and never do project work. We like to feel like we're part of your team. This inspires us to do great work. However, you have flexibility with us. You can give us 30 days notice at any time if your circumstances change, or 15 days notice if you're less than happy with our services.

Mark Brooks
Founder and Principal

Mark has been immersed in the business of online dating & matchmaking and online social communities since 1998 and started the free daily news summary service Online Personals Watch ( in 2004, along with Social Networking Watch, which is now Very Social Network, in 2006. He has interviewed 300+ dating executives and has been quoted in the press 250+ times. Mark has keynoted at 50+ conferences since 2004 and is a graduate of Harvard Business School (business) and London School of Economics (behavioral science).  Linkedin profile.

Irena Brooks
Editor of OPW

Irena has been the Editor of the daily news summary services Online Personals Watch since 2006.  See
Mark and Irena are a husband and wife team. Irena manages Online Personals Watch and decides what news makes the cut each day. We operate on a church and state basis, so Irena runs the blog (church), and Mark runs the agency/consultancy (state).

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